How is content categorized?

Our videos are split into 5 categories: Yoga, Fitness, Relax, +Plus, Weekly Classes. Here's a quick explanation for each one:

Yoga: Mindful movement of body and breath. A spiritual experience for some, a more physical practice for others, a truly moving experience for all.

Fitness: A variety of active excercises to build strength and develop active flexibility through focused movement.

Relax: Perfect for those who need to release tension in their body and let the mind unwind.

+Plus: Learn how to spice things up by combining your FeetUp® practice with other props and tools.

Weekly Classes: A little bit of everything, updated weekly! These classes are recorded on location by our teachers in their home environment for a more personalized and fresh feel. If you ask questions and make requests in the comments, these questions are how our instructors can respond!