Is there a weight limit for this prop?

The FeetUp® Trainer has been lab tested to hold weight up to 2000 lbs / 900 kg before showing any sign of breaking.

We’ve put a lot of work into creating a helpful tool to make inversions more accessible for most practitioners— no matter their weight! Please take into consideration that when it comes to safe usage, how much someone weighs is not as important as the direction (and speed) their weight moves.

The frame is designed specifically to maintain stability in three directions: forward and back (mounting / dismounting) and downward (vertically stacked). When used on a flat surface and placed against a wall for maximum support, it is virtually impossible to tip the FeetUp® Trainer over when used correctly.

Regardless of size or weight, it doesn’t take much effort to tilt the Trainer from side to side (laterally). Similar to riding a bike, there is a learning curve to understanding one’s balance and body awareness when starting off. Thankfully, there are plenty of variations to help practitioners of all heights and proportions slowly work towards finding their way! Go slow, take frequent rests, and don’t forget that inversions are only one part of the many ways a FeetUp® Trainer can support a healthy movement practice.