When it comes to better forward folds: deep ≠ good.

Want for fold forward with more freedom and less soreness in your lower back? Grab a set of FeetUp Cork Blocks! These 3 easy yoga brick tips for better forward folds create more space in your yoga practice.

1. Active Muscles Support Better Forward Folds

Enjoy Better Forward Folds with this Standing Lower Back Activation using Yoga Bricks This standing yoga brick torso trap exercise keeps the core and thighs engaged as you tilt forward from the hip, which helps promote length in all the right places: spine, neck, and side bodies. Once you've found comfortable placement of the bricks between your thighs and torso, take 5 - 10 breaths of active engagement before settling in to a relaxed standing forward fold. Remember to keep the core engaged-- not just in the front body, but in the back as well. Imagine all the muscles between your hips and ribs are actively lengthening while drawing gently inward to create lift in the heart center.

2. Open Legs Support Better Forward Folds

Use this Yoga Brick Standing Leg Balance Stretch for Better Forward Folds One of the secrets to better forward folds is avoid locking out the knees and ankles. By keeping these major joints open, you allow the muscles above and below to lengthen for more support and flexibility. Once your comfortable standing on the bricks, play with dropping the heels (one at a time) towards the ground while keeping a slight bend in the knees.

3. "Less is More" for Better Forward Folds

Supported Forward Fold with Yoga Brick Many people think the hallmark of a good forward fold is touching nose to floor. SPOILER ALERT: At best, it just smells like floor down there. Think less about rounding down in the back and more of extending forward from the hips. Remain active in the core, long in the torso, and unlocked in the legs as you explore what it feels like to experience better forward folds in all that you do!

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