Want to move with more balance and stability? Activate and engage your core like never before with these four fun FeetUp exercises! Feel free to create variations that match your movement style.

Tuck Ups

Find a comfortable seated position at the front of the FeetUp Trainer with knees bent / feet flat and hands on the frame behind you OR gripping under the cushion. INHALE: Lift knees up OR extend legs forward on the inhale. EXHALE: Draw knees to chest. Make sure to keep the gaze forward and legs gently squeezed inward. Start with 3 rounds of 3-5 reps and grow from there! 


Start with hands on the floor, hip bones supported by the cushion, and legs extended back (toes can touch the ground to begin). INHALE: Lengthen spine long and raise gaze forward. EXHALE: Engage core and arms to broaden chest forward and legs up. INHALE: Slowly relax back to supported position. EXHALE: Lift chin, chest, arms back, and legs up! Once more, start with 3 rounds of 3-5 reps and check in to see how your body feels. 


Pike Leg Declines

Once comfortable in full FeetUp Asana (basic inversion with legs extended), it’s time to let your imagination guide the movement! INHALE: Extend legs fully vertical in FeetUp Asana (12 o’clock). EXHALE: Lower legs in pike position to 1 o’clock. INHALE: Raise legs back to 12. EXHALE: Lower legs to 2. How low can you go? Only time will tell. Feel free to come down and take a break whenever you need one!


Inverted Side Tucks

This dynamic variation combines a little bit of everything so far into one flowing inverted movement. Starting in FeetUp Asana, slowly EXHALE to tuck knees to chest and twist to one side. Pause to INHALE as you gently hold the twisted tuck. EXHALE to extend legs to pike and lift back to FeetUp Asana. Make sure to use your hands for more support and stay connected with breath for more balanced movement!


When it comes to safety, don’t worry about how things look. Bring awareness to how it FEELS! Only YOU are in charge of deciding what is right for your body. We hope these helpful core exercises help jumpstart your FeetUp fitness practice. Be safe and HAVE FUN!