Want to blow your mind? Google “Yoga Inversions” and see what comes up. There are countless articles extolling the virtues of raising your heart above your head that range from simple to profoundly bizarre. It seems like every yoga website online has at least one entry-level article that talks about the benefits of inversions, and this is ours.

The following is a list of five commonly agreed-upon benefits that inversions may offer. Are they true? It’s entirely possible, although please take time to look into the scientific research around them. Some of it is helpful, and some is not as clear ascertain "experts" make it out to be.

There are a number of people out there who believe inversions can help digestion, reverse the effects of aging, sharpen mental acuity, and bolster your immune system.— and that may actually be true… for them.

We encourage that you to do your own research to inform your personal practice— there is no wrong, there is no right… only what works and what doesn’t. This changes from person to person, practice to practice, day to day. See for yourself:

Inversions Improve Blood Circulation (Maybe)

It is said that being inverted helps to move blood into your upper body more easily— which, in turn, could help with certain maladies such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Sure! Why not?

Inversions (Might) Clear the Lymphatic System

Much like blood circulation, many believe inversions stimulate our lymphatic system to remove blockages and inspire a healthy immune system. Sounds great to us!

Inversions (Possibly) Increase Your Energy Levels

Next time you hit an afternoon slump, do an inversion to recharge your internal battery! Many agree that the purported rush of blood to your brain is a great way to jump-start stalled focus.

Inversions (Could) Improve Your Posture

Whether you spend all day at a desk or moving about on your feet, getting inverted literally takes a load off whatever you normally use to carry weight. Many would argue that this helps relieve tension patterns which negatively affect your posture.

Inversions (May) Relieve Back Pain

Do you feel tension in your lower back? Lots of yogis agree that certain supported inversions can help relieve spinal compression, which may help release pinched nerves and tight muscles.

There is no better teacher than experience— while we here at FeetUp believe that inversions are powerfully transformative and can be incredibly healing, we understand that not everybody is the same and things that work for one person might not for another. Our mission is to help as many people safely invert and find out on their own how being upside down could change their life.

Do these claims make sense to you? Would you like them to be true? Let us know what you think in the comments!