Unwind after a long day with some relaxing yoga poses on your FeetUp Trainer.

Life moves pretty fast. It can be super challenging to unwind after a long day. Do you crave better sleep? Throw on your favorite pajamas, grab your FeetUp Trainer and give yourself some time to unwind with these 5 restful shapes for maximum relaxation.

Gentle Camel to Child’s Pose

Kneel down hips to heels facing the cushion with hands behind you. Keep hips grounded as as you lift chin & chest to the sky for 30 seconds. Release into Supported Child’s Pose with forearms on Trainer. Repeat 5 times! If you want a deeper backbend in Camel, lift hips off heels to press pelvis forward as you gently drop the head back. No rush! Keep it gentle.

Butterfly Fold

Sit on a blanket or bolster to support the natural curve of the tailbone as your pelvis tilts forward. Bring the soles of feet together (keep knees wide) under the Trainer. Slowly tilt torso forward to find a supported fold with plenty of room to breathe. Hold for 3 – 5 minutes. Let your body relax! Slide the trainer away as your hips open for a deeper stretch to find the sweet spot between sensation and relaxation.

Supported Bridge

Lie down on back with your feet on the cushion and hands reaching towards the frame. Press fully through soles of feet to lift hips upward. Use arms for stability as you roll shoulders back and down for a more expansive chest opener. Hold for 30 seconds. Slowly lower hips down, release hands and hug knees to chest. Give yourself a big hug for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Spinal Twist

After that final big hug, open arms wide to a T and drop knees to one side. Place a blanket between your legs for added support. Want more sensation? Wrap top leg around bottom. Gently work to press the opposite shoulder down and back to deepen twist. This allows for increased space across your chest. Stay here for up to 5 minutes before moving to other side. To change sides: gently engage belly, hug knees to chest and only switch once the spine feels neutral.


It’s time to tuck yourself in for some well-deserved rest! Rest legs on cushion and let hips and spine relax with gravity. Utilizing the trainer in this way can alleviate lower back tightness and help improve circulation. Take all the time needed to find your most comfortable savasana: explore different leg variations, let hands go wherever they feel most natural and find a position you don’t want to leave. This is your time and space. Take it up!