Build trust in shared movement with these FeetUp Partner inversions and learn to share an exciting movement practice with someone you love!

Working out helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and blow off steam when we’re feeling stressed. Exploring movement is a personal practice that FeetUp takes seriously. We’re also very serious about having fun and creating community through shared movementTo make sure everyone is safe and comfortable, make sure your FeetUp Trainer is on an even surface with no chance of slipping or sliding. Most importantly, make sure you can hear each other before, during, and after each drill!

Inverted Single Leg Lifts

This excercise is the epitome of grounding down to rise up! Once comfortable in Supported Downward Facing Dog, lift one leg up and hook a foot over your partner’s shoulder. From there, push down through the top leg to lift the bottom leg up!

Two notes for the standing partner: 1) adjust your height by widening your stance to fit the length of the lifted leg and 2) avoid getting kicked by a moving foot by presenting the shoulder opposite to the side of the lifted leg (ex. right leg, left shoulder).

Floating Tuck Taps

Create confidence and control while mounting into inversions with the help of an extra set of hands! Starting from a floating tuck with eyes closed and your partners hands spotting just a couple inches away from your hips, work on slowly lowering your feet and hopping right back in to tap your sacrum to their hands. Once your confortable with finding connection, your partner can slowly move their hands back an inch or two so you have more room to explore!

Pro-tip: Go slow, keep your knees bent, thighs close to your chest, and focus on how your arms help guide the movement. Spotters! A little space may feel like a long distance. Stay in a low lunge with arms forward and hands flat for maximum support with minimal effort.

Walkover Leg Levers

You may be surprised by how much easier this excercise is than how it looks. From a supported bridge pose, lift one leg up to your partner’s shoulder— this time matching same side to side (ex. right shoulder, right leg). Press strongly through the connection to lift the lower leg up and over through Floating Tuck back down to the ground!

Spotters, make sure you provide stable and consistent resistance for your partner the entire time. Don’t push, just offer support. Let them do the work!