A cork massage ball can easily be used to release muscle tension after a long day at the office or a hard workout. Where foam rollers cover a large area, massage balls target specific hard-to-reach spots known as knots or “trigger points.” Here here are a few important things to know to make the most out of your home trigger point massage practice with a set of FeetUp Cork Massage Balls.

FeetUp Cork Massage Balls

Anytime & Anywhere
Massage balls are much smaller than a cork roller, and can easily fit into a gym bag for use outside of your home studio. You can leave a set at the office, in your car, or anywhere you need some quick tension release. The convenient size does not require a lot of floor space and allows you to use them in combination with easy-to-find surfaces for better leverage, such as a solid wall or sturdy chair.

Firm = Strong
There are many types of massage balls that offer a variety of different results, from soft to firm to smooth to spiky. Every trigger point massage kit begins with a classic firm smooth ball for everyday use. We love organic cork because it is light, strong, and sustainably made.

Basic Guide
The general idea of trigger point massage is finding a comfortable position to pinpoint a sore muscle between the massage ball and a solid surface. Once you’ve found the right position, begin by slowly leaning or pouring weight through the ball. After creating this focused connection, you want to wait until any sensation of pain or tightness begins to ease up.

The amount of pressure and length of time needed for release to happen varies from person to person. Start by slowly adding pressure until you find the perfect amount. Too much force will make it very hard to relax and can possibly create other issues. You want to find a manageable “good ache” instead of sharp pain or disc

Once comfortable with the new sensation, you can try to slowly roll the ball around to look for other tight spots or enjoy a gentle rolling massage. Try starting with a few minutes of massage once a day until your body feels like it’s ready for more. You may also enjoy keeping a set of massage balls near your practice mat and include them as part of your daily yoga practice!

Basic Target Areas

Shoulders: Lean your back against a wall with a cork massage ball between your neck and shoulder blade. Lean backward with gentle pressure and explore rolling around until you find the right spot. Once located, relax into the knot to release tension.

Neck: Use the ball with your opposite hand to rub over your upper trapezius muscle (the slope of your neck into your shoulder)

Hamstrings: Sitting upright on the floor or firm chair, place the ball under the midpoint of your thigh. Slowly roll around until you find a good spot to pause, relax, and release.

Cork Massage Ball Foot Position
Feet: With shoes off and one foot firmly grounded on the floor, simply step onto the cork massage ball and roll it around until you find a good place to explore. Feel free to use the wall or a chair for more balance.

May 30, 2022 — Daniel Scott