The FeetUp Mat

The FeetUp Mat

The best cork yoga mat for a joyful yoga practice

Designed for people of all shapes and movement backgrounds, the FeetUp Mat provides a non-slip cork surface for optimal traction with minimal care. Regular mats become slippery when wet. Cork gets more grippy when exposed to moisture. The thick natural rubber base unrolls flat every time. Enjoy comfort & support with plenty of room to explore!
Product Details
  • 100% Portuguese Cork
  • Made in Europe

79.9 X 25.2 X 0.15 in, 6.41 lb

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Optimal traction with minimal care

The FeetUp Mat creates offers plenty of room to explore your yoga journey with stability and support.


In addition to being anti-microbial, cork is dust and water-resistant by nature. The only thing this mat absorbs are good times!


Cork is a completely renewable resource made from the harvested bark of cork trees, done by hand without damaging the trunk.

100% Natural

This long lasting and fully-recyclable mat is made from only two organic materials: cork & rubber. Consume less, practice more!

Cork Mat FAQ

My cork mat feels so smooth! How do I increase grip and traction?

Cork becomes more grippy when wet. For optimal traction, a little moisture can go a long way. Try lightly spraying some water to the areas where your hands and feet normally go. Don’t have a spray bottle? Wet a clean towel, wring it out and wipe down your mat before practice.

How do I keep the cork surface clean?

A quick wipe down after each practice should be all it takes to ensure freshness and optimal grip! Dirt, sweat, and oil will build up on the surface of the mat over time. Moisturizing lotions can also coat the cork surface and make you slip instead of grip.

If you have recently applied moisturizer, we recommend a quick hand wash with soapy water before using your mat for best traction. We also recommend using soapy water gently break down any lotion or oil buildup on the cork surface.

How should I store my FeetUp Mat?

Make sure your mat is completely dry before being rolling up. Wipe up excess moisture with a clean towel and let the mat to lay flat to fully dry.

Remember: Cork out, rubber in. This mat has been designed to tightly roll up in one direction with the cork surface facing outward.

Do not sharply fold or twist your FeetUp Yoga Mat! Cork and natural rubber work very well together when rolled up, rolled out, and practiced upon. Sharp folds, deep twists, and hard stretches may damage structural integrity... just like in your own body.

Every order
plants a new tree

Sustainability is our highest priority. FeetUp has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every order made.