🆓  7h+ FeetUp From Zero To Hero Yoga Course ($450 Dollar Value)

Guarantees a smooth start to your FeetUp Yoga Journey and makes sure your first steps with FeetUp are safe, enjoyable, and fun! 7h+ High Quality instruction from the world's most knowledgable teachers offer a wide variety of accessible classes for everyone and every body.

🆓  Exercises Poster with more than 100+ FeetUp Yoga Poses ($20 Value)

Profit from 100+ exercise ideas you can practice on and with your FeetUp Trainer. From beginner-friendly to more challenging poses. This poster is for all practitioners no matter the level, age, or body type.

🆓  FeetUp Phone Holder ($20 Value)

The FeetUp Phone Holders were designed to make following instruction videos as easy as possible. You can even watch videos while being upside-down! Just clip them to your FeetUp Trainer and never miss a spot.

🆓  Two weeks FREE access to our FeetUp Training App ($50 Value)

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. Therefore we've built an app with 200h+ of world-class instruction so you never get bored. Practice from videos that are tailored to your skill level, flexibility and body type. With purchasing a FeetUp Trainer, you get the two weeks for FREE!