Get the healing attention you want where it’s needed most with a set of FeetUp’s all-natural Cork Massage Balls. Relieve muscle pain with focused pressure with before, during, and after your movement practice.

Sore and achy muscles? Stiffness in the joints?
Jumpstart your recovery and increase mobility with a set of these organic powerhouses!

WHY CORK?  It's an all-natural renewable resource that is hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, 100% biodegradable and anti-static... not to mention durable and easy to work with.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE. Designed with minimal material for maximum durability and small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, light enough to throw in your bag without having to think about it!

100% NATURAL. We use only the finest sustainably-harvested Portuguese cork, free of chemicals or additives!

SMOOTH OPERATORS. Carefully sanded into a perfect orb that offers firm pressure with a gentle touch from any angle.

SPECTACULARLY SUSTAINABLE. Rock your body without rocking the ecosystem! Completely recyclable, fully biodegradable, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. 

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 2.6 in (6.5 cm) diameter, 0.26 lb (0.12 kg)