Tiny bricks for when you want just a little more support.

Don't let proper alignment fall through the cracks. Fine tune your practice with a set of FeetUp Slices! These versatile mini-blocks are great for adding a little support wherever it's needed.

Sore wrists in Downward Facing Dog? Place a slice under the base of your palm to create some space. Need more padding for your back knee in a supported lunge? Grab a slice to relieve the pressure! Want a solid surface for the top of your head to connect to the ground while in FeetUp Asana? A couple of slices will bring the floor right up where you want it.

WHY CORK?  It's an all-natural renewable resource that is hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, 100% biodegradable and anti-static... not to mention durable and easy to work with.

100% NATURAL. We use only the finest sustainably-harvested Portuguese cork, free of chemicals or additives!

SMOOTH OPERATORS. Carefully sanded edges offer solid support with a gentle touch.

SPECTACULARLY SUSTAINABLE. Rock your body without rocking the ecosystem! Completely recyclable, fully biodegradable, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.