Lay the foundation for proper alignment in your yoga practice, brick by brick.

An essential part of every yogi's toolkit, the FeetUp Cork Yoga Block is the perfect solution for those frustrating times where supported alignment or comfortable balance is just out of reach. 

Are you tired of your old set of beat up, squishy foam bricks that flop over with a light sneeze and smell faintly of sweat and missed opportunity? Our high-quality yoga blocks provide a lifetime of stability with sturdy elegance. Crafted from sustainably harvested cork from Portugal, each FeetUp Cork Yoga Block is surprisingly light in the hand with a pleasing smooth finish that is easy to clean and hard to let go!

WHY CORK?  It's an all-natural renewable resource that is hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, 100% biodegradable and anti-static... not to mention durable and easy to work with.

100% NATURAL. We use only the finest sustainably-harvested Portuguese cork, free of chemicals or additives!

SMOOTH OPERATORS. Carefully crafted into a perfect brick that provides a gentle touch from all angles while offering incredible stability on every surface.

SPECTACULARLY SUSTAINABLE. Rock your body without rocking the ecosystem! Completely recyclable, fully biodegradable, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 8.9 X 4.7 X 3 in ( 22.7 X 12 X 7.5 cm), 1.57 lb (0.71 kg)