More Balance & Stability with Better Alignment!

A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR ANY ARM BALANCE PRACTICE. Harness the organic strength of our planet’s mighty forests! The PowerBoard is hewn from 100% beechwood to provide optimal stability and support during your arm balance and upper body workouts.

PORTABLE DURABILITY. Designed with minimal material for maximum durability, you’ll always have a solid and familiar surface for training everywhere you go! A grab-and-go suitcase hand grip makes transport easy and fun.

INTELLIGENT ALIGNMENT. Laser-cut markers help guide hand-placement to ensure even, measured placement every time you use it… no matter what balance or exercise you choose!

MORE CONFIDENCE, LESS WORRY. Stop searching for the sweet spot when practicing on soft carpeting, dirty mats, uneven floors or weird grass! Give yourself VIP status wherever you train- indoors, outdoors, & everywhere in between!

NON-SLIP ORGANIC GRIP. Each unfinished beechwood PowerBoard offers maximum grip while providing a stable foundation for practice. Durable silicon pads are securely mounted to ensure your PowerBoard moves only when you want it to move.

SUSTAINABLE AF. We use sustainably sourced wood and plant one tree for every product sold. 

BUILT TO LAST.  The perfect foundation for a lifetime of supported fitness, PowerBoards can easily withstand the most intense workouts imaginable. We guarantee all products for one year from the date of purchase.

100% BEECHWOOD. We believe in the awesome power of good wood! All WoodPower products have been lightly oiled to preserve an all-natural finish for maximum grip and comfort.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 30.7 X 11.4 X 0.8 in (78 X 29 x 2 cm), 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

Enjoy solid stability and comfortable support everywhere you practice! Wide enough to fit even the broadest shoulders and largest paws, every PowerBoard has laser-cut alignment guides for finding optimal hand placement in a variety of exercises.