A little resistance can go a long way! Expand your practice from the ground up with a set of natural rubber FeetUp® Resistance Bands. Engage your core like never before while finding new and creative ways to increase muscular activation across the board! A wonderful addition to any workout, these powerful accessories will support students at any level.

Each bag contains two bands: yellow (medium) and green (heavy).

  • High quality natural rubber. Not only are these resistance bands easy on your skin (and your wallet), they’re easy on the planet!
  • Two sizes fit all. Find the right level of challenge that works best for you with the varying resistance levels of each band or the combined power of both.
  • Different strokes for different folks. Build strength for sport and fitness, gain leverage while increasing flexibility, and support rehab by fine-tuning the development of supportive tissue around your most important joints.

Gentle reminder: Please be mindful when using resistance bands during inverted poses. They are called resistance bands for good reason— they add challenging resistance to movement!

Feet NOT included. You must provide your own!

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