FeetUp Trainer

Relax Your Neck!

Only a few minutes daily will relieve shoulder and neck pain.

Say Goodbye To Shoulder And Neck Pain

Relieve shoulder and neck pain with the FeetUp Trainer. Your body weight is spread evenly across the shoulders, allowing your head to hang gently and your cervical spine to stretch smoothly.

Only A Few Minutes Daily Do The Trick!

Use the FeetUp Trainer as soon as you feel tightness in your neck and shoulders. Only a few minutes daily will relieve tensions significantly. For better wellbeing and a more relaxed everyday life!

Expand Your Yoga Practice

Explore the endless possibilities of fully supported movement in every direction. The FeetUp Trainer helps find proper alignment with more control and creativity in your daily practice.

Relaxed Shoulders Within Minutes!

Watch the video by our founder Kilian to see how easy it is to relax your neck and shoulders.


More Benefits

Perfect For
Every Body!

The inclusive design helps everybody. No matter your age, skill level, or body type.

Improve Your
Yoga Practice

Practicing with FeetUp not only relaxes your shoulders it also offers you a great variety of different exercises.

Made In EU

Made in Europe with sustainably-sourced materials, each FeetUp Trainer is crafted with care to provide a lifetime of quality and support.

Want more inspo?

Find Hundreds Of Workouts In Our Training App

Get the most out of your movement with the FeetUp Training App. Our knowledgeable teachers offer a wide variety of accessible classes for everyone and everybody.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I absolutely love it! I have been practicing yoga for many years and the inversions always scare me. I have never been able to do a headstand...... until now!
— Sarah
Customer reviews
Have found the FeetUp Trainer is so comfortable to relieve pressure caused by degenerative disc disease. It’s a brilliant prop for those of us, not as fit or flexible.
— Megan


We answer your questions

How exactly does practicing with the FeetUp Trainer relieve shoulder and neck pain?

The FeetUp Trainer's cushion applies gentle pressure on your shoulders while you're upside down, allowing your head to hang freely—decompressing your spine and loosening tension in your shoulders. A few minutes of this exercise daily can significantly reduce shoulder and neck pain!

I'm not flexible and can't touch my toes. Can I still practice with FeetUp?

Of course!

FeetUp Trainer is a beginner-friendly tool that allows people who aren't already flexible enough to touch their toes to begin practicing inverted poses and other inversions. FeetUp Trainer provides just enough support to feel secure, allowing you to focus on your form, balance, and alignment. After just a few minutes of practice each day, you'll be able to develop strength, balance, and flexibility that will make yoga accessible for everyone!

FeetUp Trainer is perfect for people who have never tried yoga or those who want an easier way to get started. And once you've mastered the basics of FeetUp Trainer—which doesn't take long—you'll be able to move on to more advanced poses like backbends, arm balances and leg variations!

Is there a weight limit?

No, there is no weight limit.

The FeetUp Trainer has been lab tested to hold weight up to 900 kg before showing any sign of breakage or structural degradation.

We recommend users consider the direction and speed of how their body moves instead of a weight limit. Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly! The FeetUp Trainer helps build the body awareness necessary to find an inversion practice that works best for you.